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The sky is a honeycomb, a hexagonal matrix representing the entrance of the Mormon pioneer, who refers to his land as “Deseret” or honeybee. The founding fathers (small green figures) cross this vast nation with the handcart (gold and red image), building monuments and cathedrals of unique architecture (gold steeple). The large statuesque pioneer reaps the field and looks back at his heritage while his descendant in front of him moves on into the present. Seagulls merge from the honeycomb matrix in recollection of the Mormon miracle, where flocks of these birds rid their crops from an insect plague that would have brought certain starvation. With the joining of the Union Pacific Railroad and Central Pacific Railroad at Promentory Point, Utah, our nation is traversed. A train comes to the edge of the vast industrial horizon and into the dawn of a new technology.

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  Utah Harvest by David Udovic

© copyright David Udovic 2000