Permanent Installation 1991, Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah Harvest
A Computer-assisted Mural Painting

by David Udovic

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The computer assisted in three phases:

1. Development of Model
2. Analysis of Technique
3. Final Artwork Execution

a. Serigraph Printing
b. Serigraph Stencils
c. Hand Stencils
d. Hand Painting

Utah Harvest is a 12 by 5 foot mural commissioned by the state of Utah for the Data Processing Center at the Utah State Capitol. It is an historical view of the Utah land and people, and the result of a unique approach to the integration of computer-aided design with the conventional artist's techniques of serigraphy, stenciling, and hand-painting. Creation of the mural provided an opportunity to present the imprint of computer raster technology as an expressive element on a grand scale.

Utah Harvest was composed with what now seem very primitive tools. In the mid 80's, high-end graphic computers were costly and out of reach of the independent artist. Yet I was able to explore in low image resolution many drawing and imaging utilities found in these systems through a custom configuration of two inexpensive home computers in tandem. It was their low-res limitation that revealed the raster impression that I sought for this large mural composition.


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