Artist's Bio

As a student of Fine Art at the Unversity of Cincinnatti, I exhibited as a painter and sculptor in local galleries and for two years directed the University's Tangeman Art Gallery. In 1972 I received my BFA degree and found work immediately as a graphic artist, designing national tradeshow displays for Downing Displays Inc. During the six-year stint with Downing, I continued to paint grand landscape narratives in my studio.

My interest in kinetic sculpture at the time was the catalyst for a study of basic electronics and computer science. It was also helpful to have two brothers, both electrical engineers, as teacher/guides. In 1978, this connection and interest led to a physical design management postion with Processor Innovations Corporation, a computer instrumentation company in New Jersey. It became an opportunity to combine my aesthetic vision with the growing knowledge of computer hardware and software design. Over the next five years, this exposure transformed my style from an adherence to form found in nature to include the geometry found in technical imagery. In 1981, I painted I.C.Roses, a piece that integrated natural and technical form through their common geometry or pattern. This new interpretation led to other works and my solo exhibit "Nature, Technology and Art" The exhibition was presented New Jersey galleries, corporations, museums, libraries, and cultural centers over a 10 year period (1984-1994).

In 1989, I was commissioned by the State of Utah to paint a large scale narrative of their history in a hi-tech fashion. It was an opportunity to present on a large scale the influences of computer technology on the aesthetic. Today the 12 foot mural hangs as a permanent installation at the State Capitol's Data Processing Center.

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Since then many other art projects have kept me busy, all of which reveal a personal interest in the narrative and the art of story-telling. My work has ranged from muraling through picture book illustration and, more recently, a unique, patented card design that has been applied to greeting cards and activity cards for children.

Recently, I've developed a series of web-based, and now app-based animated stories for children (available from Amazon and GooglePlay), designed specifically for parent and child to read together during storytime.

My work, while diverse, has contained a consistent theme in that, throughout these endeavors, I have continued to seek new ways to express a harmonious world in motion.

copyright David Udovic 2004, 2009